Delay Time Calculator


Determines the length of a note according to the tempo.

How to use

  1. Set the tempo(BPM)
Please use it for calculating the delay time.

If you press the "reference" button, you can hear the delay sound of the calculated length in addition to the quarter note "C" sound.
At the same time, it draws an image that allows you to imagine the sound.

have fun!

  1. テンポを設定します(BPM)


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BPM (tempo):


Whole note
Dotted Half note  
Half note
Dotted Quarter note  
Quarter note
Dotted Eighth note 
Eighth note
Dotted Sixteenth note 
Sixteenth note
Dotted 32nd note 
32nd note
Double triplet    
Quarter triplet    
8th triplet 
16th triplet 
32th triplet 